Putting machine learning to work around the world.


Close the gap between available open-source tools and the knowledge required to use them.


Ramp up IBM’s best innovation practices for ML and AI business decisions.


Together, we walk through the stages of the ML process to get concrete results.

DSX: A Growing Set of Data Science Tools

Jupyter Notebooks

Create and collaborate on Python, R, and Scala notebooks that contain code and visualizations.


Jumpstart your R experience with a free, open-source RStudio tool.

Machine Learning
Create, train and deploy machine learning  models.
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Working with IBM or not is like choosing between driving a Honda or a Ferrari. You gotta drive the Ferrari. We had results in just a few days, on things that we as a credit union had been working on for years.

Randy Halley, EVP


We not only needed fishing gear, but we also wanted to learn fishing; that is what working with the IBM ML Hub team meant for us.

Tooraj Arvajeh, CTO

An excellent collaboration. We got results very quickly. The project we worked on had results within 2 weeks.

Stephanie Mitchko, CTO

We used our proprietary data and applied machine learning to our domain of expertise to create fundamental algorithms unlikely to be replicated elsewhere.

Tooraj Arvajeh, CTO

The ML Hub China facilitated the collaboration among our data scientists. The models will better serve our clients such as the government and introduce more potential business opportunities for THUPDI

Dr. Li Dong, Deputy Director

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