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What we'll cover in a visit to the ML Hub


Step 1: Use case discussion
Our ML Hub team will engage in whiteboard discussions to fully understand the nature and scope of the problem. It will give a 360 degree review of the current status and an opportunity for discussion around hypotheses.

Step 2: Coaching
It does not matter how much experience your team members have. We’re here to help. If you’re new to machine learning, we are more than happy to coach you and help your team get up to speed.

Step 3: Workshops
Nothing is more exciting than working around a problem together. Our workshops are solution driven and focus on speed, collaboration and result. In a mini-hackathon fashion, we work together and race towards a first model.

Step 4: Results
As ML accelerators, our mission is to give your company a boost in making machine learning a reality. We focus on results that your team can use as a foundation. The ML Hub’s goal is to provide you with a model that can help you with your machine learning use case.

What we help you achieve is boundless…


  • Practical know-how to quickly and powerfully apply ML to problems.
  • Powerful algorithms for creating ML models —from neural networks to decision-tree systems.
  • Concrete methods for implementing ML on your own.
  • Best practices for matching business problems with the ML tools to solve them.


  • To identify and extract the features that best represent your data.
  • To create custom data analysis solutions and trustworthy models.
  • To pose your ideas within ML frameworks.
  • To master ML with practical hands-on techniques.


  • Evaluate the performance of your current ML algorithms.
  • Transform your ideas into ML experiments.
  • Include unstructured data such as text within your ML models.
  • Recognize and manage overfitting, hyperparameter tuning, computational resource exploitation, and model interpretation.

Take Home

  • Start transforming your business by framing problems for ML to solve.
  • Train new models for your application and evaluate predictions.
  • Unlock hidden insights and patterns in your existing data.
  • Identify ML problems and make more informed data-driven decisions.

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