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Jorge Castañón

San Jose, USA

BIO: Jorge Castañón comes from Mexico City and received his Ph.D. in Computational and Applied Mathematics from Rice University. He has a genuine passion for data science and machine learning applications of any kind. Since 2007, he has been developing numerical optimization models and algorithms for regularization and inverse problems. Jorge joined the IBM Analytics team at the Silicon Valley Laboratory where he is building the future of machine learning and data science tools and applications.

SPEAKER: MLconf, Strata Hadoop, IEEE Big Data, DataWeek, Datapalooza, Data by the Bay and many others

Yong Hua Zeng

Beijing, China

BIO: Henry Zeng is a data scientist and evangelist of machine learning. He has been working in the data analytics area for more than 10 years. He has great experience with data analytics solutions in different industries. Previously he was responsible for Big Data and cloud data service architecture, engagement, landing and partner cooperation across GCG. Prior to that, he was the DB2 DB management solution architect, and has led the development, engagement, training and consulting in Asia Pacific area.

SPEAKER & AUTHOR: Spark Summit, Hadoop Summit, Strata+Hadoop, Apache Big Data Conference; 2 books around performance management

Eberhard Hechler

Boeblingen, Germany

BIO: Eberhard is an executive architect and received a Masters Degree in Pure Mathematics. He worked in software development, performance optimization, IT solution architecture & design, Hadoop and Spark integration and MDM. He has worked worldwide with clients from various industries on a vast number of topics, such as DWH and BI solutions, information architectures, and industry solutions. Eberhard is a member of the prestigious IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team.

AUTHOR: ‘Beyond Big Data’, ‘Art of Enterprise Information Architecture’ and Enterprise MDM’

Mohan Dani

Bangalore, India

BIO: Mohan has over 15 years of experience in USA and India. He is one of the first to pioneer Predictive and Machine learning experience to Indian customers, utilizing vast experience in Financial Banking field to deep expertise in data engineering with a keen interest in ML. He began his career from Banking to Mortgage Banking, to Investment to Stream computing for scientific pursuits with a focus on RealTime Analytics, BigData Analytics in various Industry segments. He eventually found himself working with open source big data technologies including Hadoop, Streams Computing, and Spark. His recent roles involves ensuring customers succeed in using open source technologies, Analytics, and Machine Learning to solve real world problems .

SPEAKER: IOD, IMTC, RealTime Analytics Forums India, Regional Technical Conference.

Oscar Lara-Yejas

San Jose, USA

BIO: Oscar Lara-Yejas holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of South Florida. Oscar joined IBM in 2012 as part of the Big Data team, focusing on the design and implementation of Large-scale Distributed ML products. He has contributed to BigInsights, BigR, and SystemML. He is also an Apache Spark and Apache SystemML contributor. He has authored a book on Human Activity Recognition and a number of research papers on Big Data, Human-centric sensing and Combinatorial Optimization.

SPEAKER: Strata Hadoop, IEEE Big Data Conference, Hadoop Summit, IBM Insight

Ling Zhuo

Beijing, China

BIO: Ling Zhuo is a data scientist from IBM’s Machine Learning Development Lab. She is responsible for introducing IBM Machine Learning platform to customers. She designs scenarios and delivers machine learning projects based on customers’ demands from IBM’s Machine Learning Platform. Previously, she worked as a data architect in the IBM Global Business Solution Center and Application Innovation Service, accomplishing dozens of client projects on big data platform and data analysis. She has rich experience in banking, transportation, manufactory and energy domains.

Adarsh Pannu

San Jose, USA

BIO: Adarsh Pannu is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM. He has over two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, blending deep expertise in data engineering with a keen interest in ML. He began his career building distributed database systems with a focus on SQL engines, and eventually found himself working with open-source big data technologies incl. Hadoop and Spark. His most recent role involves using scalable machine learning to solve real-world problems. Adarsh has a degree in Electrical Engineering.

SPEAKER: ACM SIGMOD/PODS, IEEE Big Data, GSE Nordic, IBM Information on Demand, IBM Insight

Gregor Meyer

Boeblingen, Germany

BIO: Gregor started working on Machine Learning when he joined IBM 20 years ago, developing a data mining tool. He was lead architect for the integration of ML functions into DB2 and one of the main contributors to the PMML standard. Since then he has expanded his expertise to other areas such as data warehousing, database performance, MDM, BI tools, and solution development. Gregor has a doctorate in computer science. Now he focuses again on making machines smarter and helping clients add ML to their IT architectures and business operations efficiently and effectively.

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