Use Cases By Industry


Electronics Testing Efficiency

Abundant testing must be done to assure the highest quality standard.

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Anomaly Detection of Semiconductor Chips

Testing of semiconductor chips is an expensive and time-consuming operation.

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Building Efficiency and Predicting Energy Consumption

Explore buildings in NYC on an interactive map and compare each building’s energy usage, by drilling down the energy consumption level on the basis of 4 dimensions: AC, plug equipment, home gas and heating.

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Financial Services

Loan Acceptance Prediction

Loan underwriting is time-consuming and errors are expensive.

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Fraud Detection in Transactional Data

Millions of transactions from different kinds take place in a variety of locations.

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Ambulance City Allocation

Allocate ambulances at different city locations in the most efficient way possible.

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Impact of Oncology Drugs in Test Results

Cancer patients are prescribed with different drugs.

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Impact on Patient’s Health Using Different Drugs

Patients are prescribed with different drugs.

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Patient Medication Compliance

Diabetes patients need to scored at the point of sale based on factors like average blood sugar level, cholesterol, blood pressure, whether they take their meds regularly, etc.

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Patient Risk Migration

Patients are assigned to risk bands. Sometimes patients migrate to a different risk band over the course of time.

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Extract Insights from Service Call Records

As the company’s technicians repair and replace broken home appliances, they enter detailed descriptions in service call records.

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Customer Media Data Curation

Client uses customer media data for targeted advertising and provides bleeding-edge TV solutions.

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Cognitive Soccer Training

The goal is to develop cognitive training for sports using Machine Learning.

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Customer Churn Prediction

Identify potential lost customers on time to allow a company take actions to avoid losing customers.

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Classify Transportation Transactions

Classify business transactions that are done by humans based on a free text description.

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